Sorenvale Chronicles

The Second Session
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Adventure Log
Last week on Damian's campaign...
The First Session
How it all began...

Okay, this was our first session. Once characters were set and I made some stats up on the fly, we started off big.

Null and Lonnie arrive in Midge on a passenger ship, this is their first encounter with the New Continent. They barely make it off of the ship before jumping into battle. Steve, the Warlock, and Corrigan, the first Dwarf seen in these parts in quite some time, are also at the docks when the fight breaks out. Corrigan arrives first on the scene, only to watch in horror as a few innocents are consumed by the very angry white dragon wyrmlings that have been mysteriously loosed from their cage. Once everyone else joined the battle, the few civilians remaining were able to escape to safety. The party managed to defeat the three wyrmlings and prevent any more casualties.

The owner of the dragon wyrmlings approached the PCs, and suggested that they could come to some kind of agreement. Worried about his reputation after his little pets had eaten some rather tasty commoners, this merchant was willing to offer the party some gold to feign ignorance. Null was persuasive and convinced the merchant that it would be better for everyone if he paid for the damage done. As a sign of good faith, the merchant gave the PCs some gold and promises that his trade caravan will gladly do business with them in the future.

After the party finished dealing with the merchant, Null inquired about the local laws of Midge. He was asking about any particularly strange or specific laws, and there was one, according to the clerk he spoke with. For whatever reason, people are not allowed to travel in groups of two in the city. In order to avoid breaking this law, the PCs agreed that they should travel together. They returned to the docks and found a crowd gathered around the fallen dragons, at which point Steve performed the role of crier on behalf of…well, of himself, and told the people his name and assured them that they were now safe. As it turned out, Steve also had some business cards to hand out. Yeah…

An old man approached the PCs and offered them a job. He was impressed with their fight with the dragons and requested their help investigating a kobold that he’d seen around. The party was not alarmed upon hearing that one, single, little, tiny kobold had been spotted. However, they were all anxious to earn more gold—there was much to be desired in the way of ale, of weapons and armor, of more ale, of adventuring and combat, and of course more ale.

Before going out to find the kobold, the PCs decided that a night’s rest was in order. They settled on a couple of rooms at The Rusty Mug, a fairly well-kept inn and tavern in the city of Midge. Once they’d settled in, Corrigan told the tale of his former life among the Dwarves and his subsequent exile due some rather unfortunate events involving a lot of fine Dwarven ale and a certain flammable spell. It was truly a mistake, but the Dwarf whose beard had been burnt off was a rather cross and, unfortunately for Corrigan, noble Dwarf with a tremendous amount of political power.

The party had no trouble finding the kobold’s cave thanks to the directions their employer gave them. A strange revelation waited for them within the cave: these were not just ordinary kobolds…these were zombie-kobolds! By spilling oil in a tightly packed corridor, Null set a trap for the charging zombie-kobolds. With a little bit of Dwarven wizardry added to the mix, the zombies ignited in a blazing fireball as they recklessly tried to run headlong at the party. The PCs fought their way farther into the cave, and after a few rats and some reckless charging by Corrigan, the party finally found the kobold they were looking for. The kobold necromancer told the story of his once peaceful ways and how a band of adventurers slaughtered his fellow kobolds. Now trained in the ways of necromancy, the kobold had returned and created a small horde of zombies from his fallen friends. Using everything at their disposal, the party was able to destroy the kobold necromancer and his minions. Among the various possessions left by the newly deceased kobold, the party found a copy of The Iron Codex written in Goblin.

This is where our session ended, and the party was just about to return to Midge and receive their reward from the old man.


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