A New Continent, A New Home

When the final battle had been fought, the continent of Sorenvale was in ruins. Those left standing knew that their future was uncertain, especially considering the damage that the war had caused to the land. Crops would never grow without the aid of magic, hundreds of thousands of cattle had been slaughtered, and natural resources were beginning disappear. A very tenuous peace agreement was made not long after the fighting had stopped, and a few prominent leaders suggested that a summit was necessary in order to determine the fate of the continental landscape. Nations assembled to discuss what might be done to help rebuild the scarred and devastated battlefields that still smoldered across Sorenvale. Each party at the summit was to give an opening statement. When it fell to the Dwarven representative to speak his peace, he announced that the Dwarves of Sorenvale were leaving the land in search of a new home. Without any further explanation, he gathered his companions and left the meeting. Some were shocked at the turn of events, but many reasoned that there was no other choice for the Dwarven nations but to abandon Sorenvale: perhaps more than any of the races, the Dwarves had met with unspeakable losses in the war. Entire mountain ranges had been leveled during the long conflict, and the great Dwarven cities that had stood for millennia as bastions of civilization had been destroyed by the invading forces of the Spider Queen. Not surprisingly, many began to see the benefits of leaving Sorenvale In the months following the summit, many decided to follow the Dwarves. Some feared the unknown and refused to seek shelter on distant land. Among human nations, there were some that simply packed up and left to build a new capital and others that splintered after outbreaks of civil war. During this very fragile period of history, the powers of Sorenvale formed new alliances and prepared for the threat of defenders on the foreign continent. Their voyage was shorter than they expected, and their arrival on the shores went unnoticed—or so they thought. This year marks the 300th anniversary of their arrival on the new continent.

While many of the cities and towns that made up Sorenvale have been re-established in New Sorenvale, others fractured during the move. Some of the great cities that stood for centuries are being rebuilt, their governments intact and thriving, while others have been unable to cope with the whirlwind of change they are swept up in. It is a time of great unrest, when war seems inevitable and many are grasping for any hand open to them in the hopes of making allies. Despite this, many old rivalries remain intact both outwardly and in secret. For the time being, all that stops the outbreak of war is the lasting memory of what occurred on the Old Continent. But how long can such a peace last? When the people of Sorenvale began to settle the new continent, they found very little intelligent life. At first they were alarmed, not knowing how such a vast land could be uninhabited. In time they grew accustomed to the new land, calling it their own and starting to rebuild. New Sorenvale had its own inhabitants, however, and their secret world has slowly begun to reveal itself to the newcomers. Ancient vampires and other races native to New Sorenvale are wary of the arrival of so many new faces, but rather than attack they have chosen to wait and watch. Much of the old ways have been preserved, since the varied landscape of New Sorenvale is able to offer much in the way of natural resources, plant and animal life, as well as vast new tracts of land. At the heart of this great continent is a powerful source of magic, known as The Well, where a bold and dangerous new experiment has begun. A huge city has been built there, called by its creators Overcity. It floats above the ground on gigantic platforms and reaches far into the sky, held in the clouds by the powerful magic of The Well. It is ruled by a council of representatives from each of the nations that have made the long journey from the Old Continent. Above all, its purpose is to attempt to maintain the peace of New Sorenvale and ensure that another great war never breaks out among its people. News has reached all corners of New Sorenvale: the Council will soon be making an important announcement. No one can say for sure what is in the works, but people from all over have begun to guess the intentions of the Council and spread rumors about the announcement. Many have left their homes and begun to make the journey to Overcity, hoping to make it in time for whatever grand proclamation the Council has in store. In expectation of this, the Council has begun enlarging Overcity to take on this new influx of people. Some doubt the Council, saying that nothing will come of it, while others believe that a solution has been found: an answer to the nagging question of how to maintain peace. Everyone seems to be in agreement about one thing, though: this will most likely be the most important event in the short life of the new continent yet.

Sorenvale Chronicles

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